Seafood Restaurants in Bolingbrook, IL

Dive into Bolingbrook’s seafood scene! Discover a variety of seafood restaurants that cater to every taste, from casual fish shacks to upscale seafood grills. Whether you’re a fan of succulent shrimp, flavorful fish dishes, or crave a hearty seafood feast, Bolingbrook has the perfect spot for you.

Front of Jumbo Crab

All Blue
194 S. Bolingbrook Dr.
(630) 312-8093


J & J Fish & Chicken
435 W. Boughton Rd
(630) 332-8869

Front of J&Js

J & J Fish
184 S. Bolingbrook Dr.
(630) 783-9160

Front of KO Sushi

KO Sushi
1237 W Boughton Rd
(630) 226-1888

Otobo in Bolingbrook, IL

OTOBO Sushi & Bar
477 S. Weber Rd
(630) 410-8118

Red Lobster

Perla Negra Mariscos
235 S. Bolingbrook
(630) 413-0000

Red Lobster

Poke Bros
751 E. Boughton Rd
(630) 312-8347

Red Lobster

Red Lobster
209 S. Weber Rd
(630) 679-9192